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The term marker can refer to several different styles of markers. Slant markers are midway between an upright monument and a ground-level marker. They offer sufficient space for a personalized design. Bevel Markers are slanted so that the back of the marker is slightly higher than the front of the marker. They are set above the ground making them easier than a ground-level marker to locate in the cemetery. Grass Markers are what is described as ground-level. They are set so they are level with the ground around them. Even though the bevel and grass markers are smaller, there is still ample room to design something meaningful for your loved ones.


View examples of markers in the gallery.

Your Input, at Every Step

At Abel Monument Company you are involved in the creative process from the first time you sit down with our designer, all the way to the final step. If you have a unique shape or custom design in mind, we can help you make your vision a reality. We will prepare a layout for your approval before any engraving is done on your memorial. We consider it a privilege to serve the citizens of our community and surrounding counties, and would welcome the opportunity to help you select and design a memorial.